Thursday, March 15, 2012

"White Witch" by Trish Milburn

White Witch

This is yet another book I got from Netgalley to review. I got drawn by the cover and description, because the coven thing really gets to me as fiction reading. Anyway, I liked the story, but the characters were very shallow. There was only kissing and fear and that's about it.

So this is the story of 16-year old Jax who escaped her power-thirsty witch coven in the hopes that they won't ever find her. Because they're dark and deadly. They're murderers. And all she wants is to be normal. Well, that's not exactly on the list. She escapes her family, only to stumble upon hunters, dark powers and love that could take away her powers forever.

I think that there were extensive descriptions and inner dialogue when there shouldn't have been. It felt like Jax was mostly talking to herself than looking outside of herself. There was so much telling, that the showing kind of got disregarded. Still, I liked the zing of her inner voice, although at times it felt overdone.

What I really didn't like was the abundance of misspellings and all sorts of grammar mistakes. There were repetitive substitutions (ex. attack for attic), words that didn't mean what they were supposed to, and basic misspellings (blonde for blond).

It kind of felt like a teenager wrote the book without the consecutive help of an editor. The book has potential and could be improved, but it might be a little late for that.

The characters:

*Jax - she was supposed to be the strong one, even though the fear of her coven was supposed to somehow make her weak. Well, in truth, she was strong, but she was also uncontrolled, and that fear didn't quite get through to me. I read it almost at every page, but it was just that, a word on a page.

*Keller - was his name supposed to give the reader an association with, say, 'killer'? Because it would totally fit, even though the guy didn't really kill anything. He was supposed to be a supernatural hunter, yet we never saw that part of him and I think we should have. There was just a vague mention of it, and a scene that could've been developed well, but wasn't. The guy only wanted to kiss and cuddle once he got over his scruples that hey - Jax is a witch!

*Egan - I think he was the most down-to-earth person in this whole novel. He knew when to get dragged in and when to pull himself out. But hearing how swoon worthy he was didn't really make him so.

I don't think I'd be eager to read the next installment, but then again, the author might have improved her writing by then, so we shall see.

My rating is

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