Monday, March 26, 2012

"Shadow Moon" by Marilee Brothers

Shadow Moon (Unbidden Magic, #4)

The final book from the Moonstone bundle. It was better than Moon Spun, because it actually made some sense. But still, it could've been improved.

I didn't really like the constant repeating what had happened in the previous installments every time a character's name was mentioned. Sometimes that was done every time a character was mentioned, and it really got me rolling my eyes.

But there was lots of Junior, new mysteries, and finally there was some moving forward. We weren't stuck in faery land anymore, but we were exploring Allie's world along with her. I liked the motion and the new things that got revealed along the way.

I kind of got freaked out at the appearance of that Jessy dude (or however his name was spelled), and he honestly annoyed me. But it was a nice reality check - that one shouldn't believe in everything one hears and sees.

And the new girl, Sammie, appeared in just the right moment. I was sure who she was almost from the beginning, and was glad to see that I was right.

I enjoyed the book, it was a quick light read that had me occupied for a little while. I recommend it to the 14-17 year old girl audience. I think they'd love Allie's voice and her strong willed character.

My rating for this one is

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