Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Blue Monday" by Nicci French

Blue Monday (Frieda Klein, #1)

I requested this book from Netgalley, because the cover kind of drew me in. It's dark, mysterious and deep. Just like the book was.

I haven't read any books from this author, but I can safely say that she is really good. I loved the descriptions, the narrative, the voices. I loved the dialogues, the story and the action. It was all combined in a very good way.

What I didn't like were the many viewpoints that felt scattered. There were some times just a couple of sentences from a viewpoint and there was no switch indication. So, I was reading from one perspective and the next second I was in someone else's head. It got confusing. Another thing that didn't work for me was that the prologue started the mystery, then nothing happened toward its solving for the next 30-40% of the book. I'm not saying that those 30% were bad or not interesting. They were just going in a totally different direction.

I suppose it was all well thought out and planned, because in the end everything came in place. It's all acted out and revealed. Just in the moment of reading, it felt confusing and scattered.

The characters:
*Freida - she's a loner, who loves being by herself, undisturbed in her own little house, in her own world. She is afraid of getting close to people and prefers to live at a certain distance even from her own family. The only thing that gets her going are her patients with their mind problems that Frieda tries to solve. It's when she starts to meddle with one particular patient's mind that things get a little out of hand. But it was kind of awesome that Frieda never lost her cool. There was this one mistake she made which almost proved fatal for Matthew Faraday, an abducted 5-year old, but truth is that given the circumstances I couldn't really blame her.

*Inspector Karlsson - Ah, he was such a sweetheart. Through the whole book I felt like he was the proper match for Frieda. He had character and showed love, care and devotion. Not particularly to his own children, whom he loved by the way, but also to the case with the kidnapped Matthew. He wasn't the basic cop who is always portrait like a brainless idiot. Yet, he wouldn't have accomplished anything without the help of Frieda, because he had no experience in mind deciphering.

*Alan - poor thing. I felt so sorry for him. He was abandoned as a baby, manipulated through dreams, and never really given the chance to live.

*Dean - Ugh, I hated that man! And that little twist in the end? I totally knew it was coming, but that didn't mean I liked it at all. He did not deserve what happened to him. It really should've been the other way around. But I just knew that he was smart in that cunning sort of way. Nasty person.

And I can safely say that all the supporting characters played their roles pretty well. They made the story complete and intriguing.

My rating is


  1. Sounds good. Do you think it's obvious when a book isn't planned?

    1. To be honest, I'm all for unplanned books. Planned ones sometimes feel forced.


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