Friday, March 23, 2012

"INK" by S.J.Davis


I requested this book from the R2R event in one of the Goodreads groups where I'm a member.

What can I say? I saw lots of negative reviews for it, and thought that I'd give it a good review. But guess what - there was nothing even remotely good to base such a review on.

I'm really sorry to say this, since I know how much time and effort it takes to write a story, but this one was really not good. The whole time my eyebrows were raised at the absurdity of it all. There was absolutely no detail. We weren't introduced to 90% of the characters at all. People came and went and I had no idea who they were, what was the purpose of them being mentioned.. that sort of thing. And I'm not talking minor characters that kind of blend with the crowd. Oh, no! I'm talking major characters (like the narrator who's name I can't even remember), who have no depth, not even air to their persona.

I was going to just leave this story and apologize for not reading it till the end, but then it didn't take me more than an hour to get to the end. I also hoped that it would have some sort of good ending, which it didn't. It was a total disappointment.

So, honestly, what was the whole point of this story?

My rating of this story, sadly, is

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