Monday, March 19, 2012

"Interrupted" by Rachel Coker

Interrupted: Life Beyond Words

I received this book from Netgalley to review, upon request. I wanted to read it because it had a Christian twist, and I'm into that sort of books.

In the beginning, it started out slow, and it kind of felt like the story won't ever get to develop. But, that was done with a purpose: getting to know Allie (Alcyone)'s background. Where she came from, what made her act the way she did after the tragedy in her life. We saw where she came from, we saw why it was hard for her to trust others and herself.

And even though she absolutely infuriated me because of her stubbornness, her cold heart and bitchiness, I knew why she did and said everything. I knew why she couldn't accept being adopted, or loved, or trusted. I could understand her train of thought,I cried and laughed along with Allie and to me, that's important in a book.

It was easy for me to live through her pain and to understand her sorrow. And I loved it when she finally got to grow up and see her mistakes and ask for forgiveness. That moment of grace was really captivating, and struck me real hard.

The characters:

*Alcyone - she was a frustrated child, who had to take care of her sick mother until the poor woman died. I have no idea how I would've coped with all the hardships if I were in her place, but for a 14-year old, she did quite well. Yeah, she was always grumpy, and held back her hurt and distrust, but what's there to expect? I was surprised that she actually got to grow up as a character. She got to understand her mistakes and to finally give into love.

*Sam Carroll - he was a sweet boy. Too sweet really. I have no idea how he managed to ignore all the insults coming from Allie's mouth. She never appreciated him, never showed him any real care. She only shoved him away, and still her persisted. I loved that guy. He was honest and open hearted and he won me over from the moment he brought Allie the eggs.

*Beatrice - That woman was so caring, so devoted and so unconditionally loving, I couldn't help but feel for her every time she got rejected by Allie.

I would totally recommend this book to anyone who's going through a hardship and needs some strength from above.

My rating is:

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