Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Moon spun" by Marilee Brothers

Moon Spun (Unbidden Magic #3)

Moon Spun was also included in the Moonstone bundle I got from Netgalley. However, unlike the first two books, this one didn't really get to me.

First, there was the weirdness of the three guys going after Allie. And to be honest, I didn't like any of them besides Junior (of course). I was truly happy for his return, cuz I missed his spicy Latino air.
Second, there was the fairy stuff... seriously, why does there have to be something else weird going on? Wasn't the moonstone and the star seekers stuff enough already? Apparently not, but I honestly didn't think that the fairies were the answer here. So in a way, that kind of felt pushed. As if the story was meant to develop elsewhere, but instead was pushed into fairy land.
Third, besides Allie, Chad and Junior all other characters seemed to be lost somewhere in the pages. Especially Melia. She seemed so shallow, that I couldn't at all understand what was her purpose at all. She was so unrealistic, I was rolling my eyes at her lines. Yeah, I know this is a teen story, but that doesn't mean that the adult characters should be made to speak in a childish way. Adults are supposed to be mature, and to know what they're doing and saying. So, yeah, unrealistic.

What I liked was that the author kept Allie's voice the same. There was no change in her spunk, nor was there a change in Junior. In fact, I had expected Junior to have morphed in this super proud guy, but he was even more reachable. Loved him all the more for it :)))

And Beck?? Well, I didn't like him from the beginning, so I liked the turn of events very much ;)

My rating for this book is

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