Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Shatter Me" by Tahereh Mafi

I loved Juliette from the first moment I laid my eyes on her. She was so strong on so many levels, and yet too weak to even realize it. She's lived her life away from a motherly touch, away from human care, away away away... She's been feared, she's been scared, she's been mentally abused by everyone. Because not a single soul accepts her as anything different than a monster.
Not a single soul, except the only person who ever mattered to her. Adam... Their history begins way back in school, but until now, none of them knows that the other actually cared.

It's not a really fast paced novel, it's more feeling and mind centered, even though it doesn't lack action, passion and mystery.

Honestly, I cannot believe that so many people have given one star to this amazing book. Is it so hard to understand how unique it is both in style and rhythm? Is it so wrong that an author attempts to write in such a novel way - with a style so utterly incredible?
I thought it was amazing, literally. Thank you Ms. Mafi for the outstanding read.
I absolutely adored the triple repetitions, no matter what other people might think. They made the meaning so much deeper, so much more personal. It was like I was in Juliette's shoes, seeing through her eyes, feeling through her heart that beats beats beats with so many unknown emotions.
And the way Mahi builds the descriptions? They are fanatically good, absolutely original, and make you stumble in their meaning, only so you could go back and read them again, and smack yourself in the face thinking that IT WAS BRILLIANT!!!
 I give it the well earned 

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  1. I was instantly drawn to Juliette. She's completely isolated from society. She doesn't speak or touch other humans. Her only communication with the outside world is the alarms that signal different part of the day (but those aren't even an regular intervals). She's been shunned her entire life, and feels like even her own parents wanted nothing to do with her. She may not like being all alone, but she feels being away from society is the best thing for her. And even she doesn't know what she's fully capable of.


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