Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Inbetween" by Tara Fuller

Inbetween (Kissed by Death, #1)

NOTE: I received the arc of this book from Netgalley.

I was very very excited about Inbetween because I'd heard some awesome things about it. And when I actually got it from Netgalley, I was super joyful!

The beginning was a bit slow to my taste, but once the story picked up pace, it became enthralling to the point where I couldn't put the book down until I was done with it. Unfortunately the end came way too fast. I breezed through Inbetween as if it were a 200 page book!!! Yes, it was really good! And boy, what a cliffhanger!

The story was well thought out, the world was well built with rules and regulations and restrictions that had unforgivable consequences if breached. It was pretty unique as a story, though the concept of impossible love was the same as most other YA books. The descriptions of Heaven, Hell and the Inbetween sounded quite realistic to me.

The characters:
*Emma was your average girl, who had no idea who she really was. Nor did she have any idea that her life was at stake because of a 17 year old feud. She didn't even suspect that she had a protector who's ready to give his very existence over to Hell to see her live her life. Yet, she suspects all those things, because she may be blind, but she's not stupid. And the loss of her father has scarred her heart forever. Now the wound is open again as her mom is trying to begin living again.

*Finn was one gorgeous reaper. He was devoted to Emma, and not even his own condemnation could stop him from watching over her. His love for her was so strong and pure, that it overshadowed everything else. Nothing and no one were important. Only Emma.

*Cash was Emma's best friend, who was also a playboy with a hurt soul. I would really love to see him turn from the hardcore player he was, into a lovesick boy. Besides all that, he was a caring, devoted friend.

*Anaya, Easton and Scout were Finn's reaper friends who'd get mad at him for his constant breaking of all sorts of rules in his desire to save Emma from yet another attack. In the end though, even they couldn't stand before love with closed eyes.

Inbetween was a very nice paranormal YA story that I recommend to lovers of this genre.

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