Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Confessions of an Angry Girl" by Louise Rozett

Confessions of an Angry Girl (Confessions, #1)

NOTE: I received the eARC of this book from Netgalley.

To be honest, I didn't expect this book to be the first one of a series. But now that I've actually read it, I think that a second book must come after it. The cliffhanger was so cute, and full of expectation. I can't wait for "Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend" to come out!

I really liked the writing style. It was light and fast paced. And another positive side of the book was that it was pretty short and I breezed through it quite fast. After a marathon of long books, I really needed a diversion, and got it with Angry Girl.

In the same time, the lightness had depth as well. Because you see, our girl Rose wasn't angry for nothing. She had a perfectly good reason for it, she just couldn't quite realize it. Not everyone, especially not a 14 year old girl could realize that her grief for her dead father was actually more anger than anything else.

There was a twister of emotions in Confessions of an Angry Girl. Starting with grief and anger we also see the first fruits of love, some early teenage passion, doubts, jealousy. You name it, Angry Girl has it.

Perhaps the only negativity that brought my rating down from a full 5 star one was the constant talk of sex. I'm sorry, but even if sex is a common topic of discussion among teens, I don't believe that it should be mentioned every other page or something. It was sort of irritating.

Now let me give you a bit of info on the characters:

Rose Zarelli is the protagonist, from whose point of view we are told this story. Starting with her father, Rose couldn't hold her anger inside her. She poured it out in great doses over anyone who'd stay long enough to listen to her brutally honest mouth. Whether it be her mom, her brother, her should-be-boyfriend (Jaime), her best friend, or her wants-to-be-boyfriend - no one is immune. Sometimes I even thought she was too rude, but let's not forget that Rose is just a teenager in her years of transition. What else could we expect of a character who is so realistic? What I loved about Rose the most was that even with all the peer pressure and constant sex discussions, she decided that it's way too early for her to jump in that sort of commitment.

The health class teacher - I loved her lesson on sex and its consequences. I really liked how the subject was brought down toward two key words ..... mutual respect.

Rose's Mom was way too absorbed in her own grief and anger that even though she was a shrink she never even realized Rose's anger management problem.

Jaime Forta... well he has a very sweet name, for starters. Of course he's gorgeous, but some sort of a loser. Still, he's dating a cheerleader. Of course, his life sucks ever since childhood - that's sort of normal for YA novels I gather. But he's a sweet boy, who cares about Rose in more than one way. I found him cute and swoon worthy, even if he isn't in the game all that much. When he does appear though, he could make your toes curl, so that should say something, right?

If you like light teen romance, this book is totally for you. I do recommend it.

My rating is

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