Monday, August 20, 2012

"Dark Side of Night" by Amanda Day

The Dark Side of NightI received this book from the author, in exchange for my honest review. So, here goes..

The first half of the book was very very slow paced. There were times when I thought that it just wasn't for me, because it felt like it wasn't moving at all. Even though there was plenty of action, I think that some of it was unnecessary.

Also, there was too much internal dialogue, flashbacks and information repetition. Some of that could've been edited out, because it wasn't relevant.

Lastly, the ending wasn't all that captivating. It was more weird than anything else.


The story was interesting and unique. It was written well, and if the above recommendations are taken in consideration, I believe that it would deserve 5 stars. It certainly has the potential.

Concerning the characters:

*Cyan was the lonely girl, who'd experienced so much pain in her life that she'd decided to never ever trust anyone. She had her skills though and her habits, which filled her nights with adventure. I loved how self-assured she was, and that no matter who she tried to appear on the outside, she was this amazing girl on the inside. And her eyes were something that I'd really love to see.

*Oscar was a funny guy, who had lots of friends. Until that one night when everything changed. I loved his perseverence, his honesty and decisiveness. If he hadn't continued to chase Cyan down, I don't think either of them would've turned out to be happy.

In conclusion:

I recommend you The Dark Side of Night if you're not into fast paced books, if you love dark paranormal novels and if you're into slow developing romance.

My rating is:

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  1. Thank you for the honest review. Sometimes a slow paced romance story is exactly what I want to read, so I may chack this book out


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