Saturday, August 25, 2012

"A Boy After God's Own Heart" by Jim George

NOTE: I received this book from Netgalley upon request.

Right, so I did request this book, but I had no idea it was intended only for boys. So it was a bit awkward that I was reading it. I mean, it was directed at boys, perhaps ages 12-17 or something. It dealt with problems like family, school, anger, attitude issues and such and how a boy is to find a way to manage them while staying faithful to God.

I think it would be nice for guys to read this book (or any book of this sort), so they'd learn what God wants from a guy, and how to accomplish it. Only then, after a guy learns how to respect the people around him, and how to treat everyone with honesty and truth, will he be able to say he's actually done something right.

Fathers of tween boys might also benefit from reading this book. They've been boys once, and this book would be like a quick reminder of what they'd experienced in their youth, so they could be better pillars and guides to their own sons.

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