Saturday, August 25, 2012

"God, Girls and Guys" by Robin Marsh and Lauren Nelson

NOTE: I received this book from Netgalley upon request.

Okay, so since this isn't a book of fiction, there isn't all that much to say about it. I mean, there's no story to discuss, or characters to praise. Basically, what I mean to say is that this review will be a rather short one.

I did like the concept of the book, and I liked the fact that it wasn't setting up rules. It was like a guide to girls ages 13-19 (and perhaps even older) on how to not compromise with their beliefs, on what guys like in a girl, and what God wants His girls to be like.

Also, the two authors shared lots of their personal stories, and that felt very good - knowing what they'd experienced and how they'd found repentance and forgiveness from God.

It was a nice guiding book, but there were some places when the contents weren't all that organized. At some points I felt like the authors were jumping back and forth between topics. Not that I minded too much, but it could've been better organized.

I would recommend this book to girls who want to remain faithful to God, while still not ignoring guys.

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