Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Something Witchy This Way Comes" by Veronica Blade

Well, well, it's a bit late for a review -  almost 12a.m. over here :D - but I felt like I had to get it done. Never leave today's work for tomorrow, right? LOL

So here goes. Beware though, there may be some mild spoilers.

What would you do if out of nowhere you're called to the Principal's office and an FBI agent demands you protect a fellow student from possible harm? Would you agree to risk your own life for someone you never even talked to? 

Bad boy Hayden Anders has the reputation of a bully and a player. An honest player, but a player no less. And this time he has no idea what he will be getting himself into. Unfortunately FBI agent Phillips doesn't leave him much of a choice.  Blackmailing doesn't usually work on Hayden, but this time the offer is tempting. And when he sees the person whose life he'd be guarding... well lets just say that he is convinced.

Tessa McClean is a strait A student, who has no idea that somewhere in her blood runs a power that's beyond human. And how would she know since no one in her family cares enough to even look at her? Her little sister is her only refuge from the cruel reality of her broken family. So when Principal Linton tells her that she's a witch and that her powers would draw in a rival coven, she doesn't believe him. Until she starts reading minds, that is. The knowledge that the two opposite witch covens are always at war with each other, stealing recruits and what not, is the only reason why Tessa puts up with her now necessary bodyguard Hayden.

Neither of them realizes however, that their current relationship would lead to no good. Or would it? As Tessa and Hayden get closer, new truths come out in the open, old secrets are revealed and nothing of their old world would ever be the same...

Something about the characters:

*Hayden is the typical bad boy. He goes from girl to girl, even keeps several as "back up plan", but is honest enough to tell them beforehand that for him it's just "hit and ditch". And well, they don't mind at all. He has a strong personality even though his teenage years have been hard. Despite his reputation, or perhaps because of it, I fell for him.

*Tessa has had her heart broken once, so rightfully - she doesn't trust boys easily. Just like any girl in her shoes. Though truly, resisting Hayden had proved pointless. I loved her clear-headedness, how she seemed to be full of ideas; quite resourceful. I am proud of such girls.

*Chaice, well, he tried to get squeezed in the love triangle, but didn't quite manage. Still, I loved him for his honesty. He was the perfect gentleman too :))

Some quotes I liked:

Tessa... I couldn't match a face to the name. If she turned out to be a dog, it could hurt my rep. But my curiosity was piqued.      ---Hayden

If the girl needed a bodyguard, she was obviously in trouble. That kind of thing was highly contagious at close range.          ---Hayden

Tessa smiled sleepily. "I'm so impressed," she said in a husky voice. "You didn't cop a feel even once all night."
"That you know of." I chuckled, knowing she'd remained unmolested.

And now my rating: Well, there were some minor inconsistencies, and for some reason I didn't feel madly strong for this story. It was honestly a very pleasant, light read. So I give it

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