Friday, January 6, 2012

"Never to Sleep" by Rachel Vincent

"Never to Sleep" by Rachel Vincent is a short e-novella, written in the point of view of Sophie Cavanaugh - Kaylee's cousin from the Soul Screamer series. The novella takes place during "If I Die" - the fifth installment of the series, and it is meant to give us readers some insight and understanding of mean girl Sophie.

My review follows, and I must warn you that it contains spoilers.

Sophie Cavanaugh is a spoiled child, a dancer on the school team, a pretty face, and a total bitch. She's also a half-orphan (after her mom's unexpected death), a victim-by-affiliation to her faking-crazy cousin Kaylee and her really crazy ex-boyfriend Scott.
She's also something else. But neither she, nor anyone else has any idea of her hidden talents.
Until she's banged with a door in the face and her world turns around, which happens on a perfectly normal day at school. Well, normal in the sense of not-sticking-up-for-her-best-friend; meeting the hot new guy Luca, who's a total flirt; and last but not least, seeing her cousin's reputation get ruined publicly, right in the middle of math hall.
This is all fun, especially the Kaylee episode, until the guy with the white eyes appears before her and she screams her lungs out. Because he's anything but normal.
What she doesn't know or expect however, is that screaming when seeing freaky looking guys isn't always the best reaction. Because it could lead you to another dimension, where every 'living' thing lurks around the corner, waiting for the best moment to snatch you up and eat you alive.

I was really surprised that Sophie actually grew up a little in this novella. No, she didn't suddenly turn all sweet and nice, but she finally understood the value of life. Her experience in the Nether definitely taught her that there are things worth protecting and fighting for - like friendship, and love.
And even though Rachel said in her blog that she didn't expect us get to like Sophie, I think I actually do. Because she isn't the same airhead she used to be.

The new boy, Luca, is a really worthy swoon-case, let me tell you. He's got deep brown eyes that can mesmerize even someone as experienced in flirting as Sophie. He's a smart ass, he's pretty and he cares for her. Even calls her amazing at one point, which completely stunned the wits out of her. Most intriguing about him though is that he isn't human either. He's a necromancer, and no - that has nothing to do with liking dead people ;)

Quotes I just couldn't not mention:

"Do you remember your name?"
I rolled my eyes. "Sophie."
"And what day of the week is it?"
"Good. I think you're okay, Sophie, but just to be sure - and this is for purely medical purposes - what's your phone number?"
I laughed out loud. "Does it usually take blunt-force trauma for you to score a phone number?"
"This is a first, but a potential concussion does seem to be an icebreaker."

"I don't even like regular plants. Except for corsages and long-stemmed roses." And those only hurt you when they don't show up.    -Sophie

"Um... Less Lord of the Rings and more Alice in Wonderland. Only scary," Luca said. "This world is a reflection of our world, only everything's different. Warped. Discolored. Disproportionate."
"Id's say that sounds crazy, except that it actually looks even crazier than it sounds."

"I don't know what you are, but I can't actually control the dead, no matter what people think about necromancers, so we - "
"Whoa." I pulled him to a stop again, frowning up at him. Maybe I wasn't the crazy one after all. "I only understood part of that sentence, but it sounded like you said you don't know what I am."

Five, and mind you, that's the last one I'm sharing:
"Okay, so what is a necromancer?" (...) "You, like, like the dead? Physically?"
Luca frowned in confusion. Then his eyes widened, and he laughed again, louder this time. "No. That's necrophiliac. Same root word - completely different concept."
"Oh. Good." 'Cause...ew.

So, wrapping it up... five stars, people!!! 


  1. Nice review Vanya! I am currently reading this and am realy enjoying it. I love the quotes you picked. Sophie and Luca are so sweet together :p

  2. I know, right? :) I just can't wait for book 6!!!


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