Monday, January 23, 2012

"Alias Dragonfly" by Jane Singer

I requested this book from NetGalley because it sounded really intriguing. Besides, I've never read books from the Civil War, and of course the idea of a female teenage spy really captured my attention.

I don't think I regret choosing this novel. It was actually pretty good. Not top of the rack good, but still good enough to recommend to anyone who likes exploring the underworld of secrets, spies and detectives.

The heroine, Maddie, aka Dragonfly, was a really captivating character, who totally won me over from the very beginning. I loved her personality, even though at moments I wondered why she did the things she did.
She was marked a freak after her accident, when she developed extraordinary good memory for the smallest details. She hated that about herself, thought it a curse. Never did she imagine that she'd come to love her abilities.

Maddie was a brave young woman, who decided that holding a belief wasn't enough. One had to act upon it, in order to accomplish something - a small victory, or a bigger one. Fully aware that freedom for the "Negroes" was an important belief to act upon, Maddie asked to join the forces of Mr. Pinkerton's spies. She was tested and trained, until she needed schooling no more. Until she became a full hearty spy.

The only thing that felt like it was kind of missing in the story, was that it didn't really have an end. It ended kind of abruptly. I really felt like there should be something else, something more. Because of that I felt slightly disappointed. Therefore my grading is such:

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