Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fire with Fire by Penelope King

"Fire with Fire" is the second installment of Penelope King's "Demonblood" series. I liked book one so much, that I just HAD TO buy this one and read it. And I wasn't disappointed one little bit.

A little warning here: This book has some adult content, not explicit, but nonetheless keep that in mind. 

My review may contain some mild spoilers.

A couple of months have passed since handsome, loving Kieron left Lucky and Liora to finish his assignment with the Legionaire and thus win his freedom. He was supposed to be back, so the two - or well three - of them could be together forever, living their happily ever after.

But he's not back, and the girls are beginning to worry. Did he lie to them? Did he abandon them? Did he trick them in order to get his hands on the Amazea demons? All of these are sound reasons for his disappearance, and yet neither one seems right. Neither one feels right. Something else is going on but neither Lucky nor Liora know what. 

As time passes, new acquaintances/friendships/romances unfold and old ones come to the surface for both girls, who unfortunately occupy one body together. 

Human part of the duo - pretty, self-conscious Liora - perhaps suffers more from Kieron's absence than her darker half. He had been the one thing that ever made her feel perfect, normal and loved. Now he's gone and she's so alone. Until new boy Tristan comes to town and claims Kieron's place. Before she knows it, Liora is already swooning after him, all the while ignoring the only friend she'd ever had at school. Something deep inside her tells her to beware Tristan, but his kisses are always so sweet, so utterly convincing that she's in the right hands, that she ignores both her senses and her witch-guardian's warnings.

At night things aren't looking any better. Lucky's jealousy toward her best friend, the incubus/hell-hound Bones, who also happens to be irresistibly beautiful with dark hair and dreamy toffee colored eyes, is raised to a whole new level. Would she, CAN SHE resist the temptation that he is?

In a thrilling whirlwind of action, wrong decisions, untameable passions and even more secrets than before, Liora and Lucky must be strong and work together if they want to find out the truth about everyone around them. Because the truth might hurt, and it might bring the death of them and the people they love.

Favorite quotes: Well dang, I was so into the reading, I have only marked one quote. Talk about absorption... LOL

"You can't get in there, though. Thiberoux is for Dark-angels only. You don't see us trying to get in to wherever you douchebags hold your little Kumbaya gatherings and play your harps and whatever else it is you do." - Lucky

This book goes into my 5 starred readings. 


  1. Hi Vanya :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're already ahead of me for reading in 2012. I hope this year I can do better than I did last year!

  2. No worries! And don't push yourself too much. As long as it's fun, even reading as many as 10 books a year, is still good :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This book sounds entriguing. There are so many different things happening, you would have to read it keep it straight. Good review. I didn't think it was spoilery, but then again, I haven't read the book. :)

    Tammi @ Young Adult Book Reviews

  4. Hey Vanya, great blog, and thanks so much for posting my blog button. I will copy yours and put it on my blog. Thanks You. Tana


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