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"A Demon Made Me Do It" by Penelope King

A Demon Made Me Do It” by Penelope King was just another read-to-review book that I signed up for on one of my GoodReads groups. Was, but not anymore. Because it turned to be a book I want to read for fun. When I finished it, I was hungrier for more. Yes, it was that good!!!

It had really clean grammar and sentence construction, and that's like #1 for me, because if I have to constantly revise the contents in my head, I can't really get into the story. 
The following review includes spoilers.

Liora Greyson is not a normal seventeen year old girl. But that has nothing to do with the fact that she's the top A student in the entire school, or that her parents abandoned her as a baby, or that she lives with a completely blind old lady, or that she's got no close friends at all. 
However, it has everything to do with the fact that she's not entirely human. Or well, she's not entirely human at night. Years ago, before the horrible murder of her two best friends, Liora was a pure demion (a half-demon) with strong Powers and clear future. Nowadays? Not so much.

Because the two Amazea demons that killed her friends cursed her to live forever with a split up soul – one part 100% human and one part 100% demon. Thus, Liora's body is occupied by day by her human half, and by night by her demon part (who's name is Lucky). Each half hates the other, blaming the other for the death of the two friends, for the emotional instability, for the confusion, for the weakness. Yet, one half cannot go on without the other. 
Things between Liora and Lucky get even worse when they fall in love with the same boy – a blue eyed, strongly built totally swoon-worthy demion Kieron, who also happens to be a tracker on a mission to kill them. Of course, he has no idea that he's going to be dealing with two completely different persons, two completely different races, two stunningly beautiful girls who will steal his heart away. When he finds out, things get a little weird... 
Throw an irresistible incubus in the picture (in the face of Lucky's best friend Bones), a couple of uncalled for deaths and you've got yourself an exciting, adventure ridden story.

Like most indie books I happen to read, I started “A Demon Made Me Do It” with more than a little reserve. But from the first paragraph of page 1 I was already hooked and ready for more. I loved both Liora and Lucky, though they were nothing alike. 
Liora is just the ordinary human girl – she has feelings, she hates evil (including herself), and she longs for a normal life. But she's also strong in spirit and determined to have her own. She respects herself and others, and hates her fate. 
Lucky on the other hand, is the complete opposite. She is vengeful, loves tormenting people (including Liora) and doesn't respect anyone but herself and her elderly guardian Tatiana, who happens to be a very powerful witch. 
Kieron is a talented tracker who has secrets of his own. His smiles, his patience, his special attention toward the two-in-one girls makes him the number one boyfriend in the picture. 
Bones, the hell hound/incubus who haunts virgin girls because otherwise he'll die, yet wants to win Lucky only for himself, had my passions stir on another level. He's hot and charming and the best-looking guy ever. 
This novel filled me with quite a wide range of emotions. There was burning passion, there was painful heartache, there was desire for revenge, there was pure love. And it was written in a perfect, humorous and brilliant way. 
My favorite quotes include the following:

They enjoy seeing me get in trouble, as if watching the weird-freak-girl getting punished for being a weird-freak-girl makes them feel better about their simple, ordinary lives. But no matter how strange they think I might be, they'd be terrified if they knew the real truth. - Liora

From the pale glow of the street lamps, I assess my surroundings - I'm in the alley beside the bank. Okay, that much I understand. What I don't get is why I was in with all the garbage. Lovely. Just freakin' lovely.
"Dumpster diving now, are we, you disgusting pig?!" I say aloud, hoping somewhere deep inside she hears me. I don't even care if she has a good reason for leaving me in that filthy place. This is unforgivable and she's just really flippin' lucky she ruined her own clothes instead of mine.

"Liora! Are you okay?" Kieron jams the end of his pole in a deep hole in the ground and hurries over to me.
No, I'm so far from okay it's not even funny. Kill me now before I die of humiliation!
I nod, wiping wet hair away from my face and spitting out the water. "I'm fine, just slipped. No big deal."
No, not a big deal at all. I'm just sitting here looking like a giant jackass covered in algae is all. Don't mind me.

I could really care less what I'm eating right now, because Kieron still hasn't put his sweater back on. So I'm far more interested in appreciating his smoking hot body than the quality of our food. But I need something safe to talk about before something really embarrassing comes out of my mouth. Watching him move wearing only his loose fitting jeans and hiking boots, eating the food he'd caught and's so damn sexy I could be eating mouthfuls of dirt and wouldn't notice.

Five and last - if you want more you gotta go get the book ;)
Half of me admires the graceful way he moves toward me; the other half fiercely braces for the inevitable.
"Hey, Liora. How you doin' today?"
No. No way. Uh-uh. Is he really trying to act like everything's totally hunky-dory? I don't think so!
I try to read his expression, but the only thing I see is the easy openness of yesterday. No anger. No resentment. No suspicion.
Very suspicious.

For all it's awesomeness and brilliant style, I give it 

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