Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Wait for You" by J.Lynn

Wait for You
Note: This book is for MATURE readers.

For a JLA book, I think Wait For You was rather weak. I actually have come to expect a very high quality of writing from her, but this book floored it. I'm disappointed, to be honest.

Here is a list of the things I didn't like:
1. There were lots of errors, misspellings, punctuation missing... It needs a lot of editing.
2. The storyline was weak. I was expecting something major happening, but was disappointed that my expectations went to the wind. *SPOILER* I wasn't expecting the messages Avery received to be from another victim. This simplified the plot way too much. I totally expected a psycho stalker, and if that had been the case, the story would've turned out much better. *END OF SPOILER*
3. The story was too cliche for my liking. Jamie Maguire seemed to start this trend, and for her book it worked out because it was the first one. But all the books I've read recently in this genre are so similar to Beautiful Disaster, it's not even funny. It's getting not only boring, but annoying also. Perhaps the only exception remains Abbi Glines. She at least shows some creativity. Anyway, the story of the college girl accidentally bumping into a hot college guy the first day of classes and them falling for each other shortly after is sort of worn out. And I'm positive this isn't just my opinion. It's getting old.
4. I wasn't expecting that what Avery had gone through was what it came out in the end. I sort of snorted when I read what had happened to her. Not to minimize the hurt and affliction that had cost her, but seriously? I'm inclined to think that what I'd assumed had happened is more damaging than what actually happened.
5. Umm, Avery's friends seemed to be sex-crazed freaks. Nothing seemed to excite, interest or impress them if it weren't connected to sex. The guy, Jacob, was described as a sex-depraved guy. He sounded ridiculous most of the time, and I felt embarrassed. Honestly. And the girl, Brittany, was in my opinion, a slut. Fully contented with one-night stands with drunk guys. You got a better word for it, cuz I certainly don't.
6. The several sex scenes were good enough. What I have reservations about and certainly do not agree with is self-satisfaction. I realize that people out there do that sort of thing but it totally grosses me out. So yeah.

What I liked about the book:
Well, perhaps the only thing that I liked was the depth of the main characters - Cam and Avery. They had their own stories that made them act the way they did. Of course every action had its consequences. I liked how Cam was caring and romantic and persistent. I liked how he didn't just up and bow down to Avery and become her slave or something.
That's about it though.

My rating is

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