Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Model Spy" by Shannon Greenland

Model Spy (The Specialists, #1)

NOTE: I received this book from Netgalley. Thanks!

I believe Model Spy is for younger audiences. Probably ranging from 11-15. It reminds me of Spy Kids.

Here several kids, gifted in different areas are called by the government to work as spies. We follow the story of Kelly/Gigi, genius girl, computer geek and hot babe. But, hot or not, don't think there's any sort of heartfelt teen romance. It's so barely captured, that I can't say it's really there. Perhaps, a bit more romance would've made the story a notch more emotional. The way it is now, it's just a spy story, and let's face it, most readers nowadays are looking for the romance.

The way the story was written was way too simple. The bad guys never struck back, and that's just too unrealistic. It was as if the reader would never ask the Why questions. And trust me, there were lots of them.

Also, there were times when the story dragged, and times when it sped up so much that I kind of lost the threads. Perhaps if twenty more pages were added, and some things were included that connect the scenes together, it would've been better.

So, I know how the country the spy team went to was a made up one, but still, the names the author used for the terrorists bothered me. I mean, Romanov, Petrov... she used them as first names, but they're both last names. -ov means a last name in the Slavic countries. I don't mean to be rude, but writing a book needs to be accompanied by a certain amount of research, right?

Okay, so what to say about Gigi... hmm... well, she was super sweet. She never showed off her genius brain. I found myself snorting every time she mixed up her sentences. It was funny! The only thing I don't understand is why she had to be a klutz. I mean, I myself don't know a single clumsy person, and there are so my books about clumsy girls it's getting a bit annoying. Perhaps it had to do with her inability to stay focused on the reality around her. You know, her brain was only thinking in computer code and such.

David was cute and all, but he could've been more outward or something. I would've enjoyed a kiss or two at the end of the story. I believe the moment had been there..

Anyway, if you're a girl ages 11-15 (or the parent of one) this book would be a nice addition to your (or your daughter's) bookshelf. Otherwise, I suggest you pass.

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