Monday, September 10, 2012

"Pure" by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Oh, wow! If you guys had been following my reviews, you know that I just read Half-Blood last week. And what do you know, I loved it. Which is why I got Pure next and finished it in two days. And it was absolutely fabulous.

Jennifer's story telling has definitely improved even more and I found myself in Alex's world as if it were mine. That happens rarely, so it's definitely important to me. I loved the structure and development of each scene, the way they grew in intensity and left me longing for more.

And the characters got even more interesting here.

Alex actually grew in this book. She understood how reckless she'd been and how her decisions affect everyone around her. It was about time she matured, especially since she is to carry the responsibilities of the Appolyon on her shoulders when she turns eighteen. One thing I didn't like about her was her stubbornness when Aiden was concerned. She saw what happened with those pures and halfs who ignored the Breed Order, and she still would keep hope. Sure, love doesn't just go away, but when it could kill the person you love... Well... You sort of reconsider. Otherwise you'd just declare yourself to be brutally selfish.

Aiden on the other hand had his wits about. Sure, in Alex's presence he sort of lost control, but at least he was able to regain it and not claim anyone's attention.

Seth was my favorite in this book as well. Well, I didn't like his player attitude and all that, but I feel like he can really grow to care for Alex, not only as the other Appolyon, but as a whole. He totally earned points in my book.

The one person I'd miss the most though !!!!!!!!!!! and this is a spoiler, so don't read on if you haven't read the book yet!!!!!!!!!! is Caleb. He was Alex's one true friend, and she lost him in the stupidest way possible. And yeah, I sort of blame her for it. I mean, if she hadn't been so obsessed with herself and Aiden, and if she actually put some thought before she acted, then surely she would've realized how extremely irresponsible she'd been.

And I fear I'd miss Grandma Pipery as well.

Anyways, Pure was a really good book and I totally recommend it.

My rating is


  1. Hey thank you so much for stopping by and following me :). I'm following you back !!!
    OMG I love the Covenant series <3.
    That's a great review and I totally agree with you I missed Caleb too it was so brutal...
    And i'm still team Seth <3. I can't wait to read Diety :D

  2. Great review Vanya! I do agree with you about the fact that Alex is a bit too selfish and stubborn sometimes. And indeed Caleb's death was a bit her fault I think. I can't wait to read Deity. So far the convenant series has been 4 stars for me, also because the similarities with VA. It is nice to read someone's opinion who hasn't read VA,


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