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"Eve and Adam" by Katherine Applegate

Eve and Adam NOTE: I received this title to review from Netgalley.

I'll start with saying that I'd been wondering why the second E and the D in the title were backwards. While I seem to have figured out the E (the girl hated being called Eve), I have no idea what's the reason behind the D. So if anyone has figured it out, or has any suggestions, please share them!

Now, let's talk about the book itself. I can say that I liked the story. It wasn't the best story, and it was a bit too slow paced for me, but it was unique, and I stand by my rating. The world building was nice, including various elements of description of the lab quarters, the equipment, the change in scenery etc.

The characters were a bit undeveloped I think, but it seems like they will be worked on in the next book. Here are my thoughts on them:

Evening, a.k.a E.V. was clueless that she wasn't just like everyone else. I'm not saying what was different about her, but if she was really the smart person she was described to be, well... she should've noticed something wasn't quite right with her. She also seemed to take things, no matter what things, quite calmly. I belive, if I were in her situation, I'd be more or less freaked out by the impossibilities that somehow turned out to be quite real. She however, was calm and cool about it all. What I liked about her though was that she wasn't selfish, or engulfed in self-importance. She was rather earthly and nice, and ready to help her friends no matter what the price.

Solo was a guy E.V. met at her mom's biochemical compound. He was distant at first, but curious of her. And he was on his own secret mission. Which is why he'd figured out routes of escape, as well as a way to control and operate the video security system. Solo was smart, but there was just one problem with him - he held too much hatred in him, which seemed to be unfounded.

Aislinn was E.V.'s BFF, who was always in trouble because of messing with the wrong guys. Still though, she was a good friend, and sometimes she did show to have brains in that thick head of hers.

Adam was the one character that surprised me the most. I honestly didn't expect his appearance, though if now I think about it, it was quite obvious. I'm glad he turned out to be rather imperfect, because I'm seriously tired of perfect males who have no flaws.

I would definitely recommend this book if you're into romance and some biochem experiments. I sure enjoyed it!

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  1. great review...

    i seriously need this book. I got accepted for it on netgalley 2 days before it got archived (it slipped my mind that the pubs archive their titles a month prior to the book release)....i so want to read this book.....

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