Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"My Enchanted Life" by Laura Eno

My Enchanted Life

I received this book to review from a Goodreads group as part of the R2R event. It was a really nice, fast, light read. After the serious mysteries I'd been plunging into the past couple of weeks, "My Enchanted Life" proved to be the distraction my brains needed.
It was intriguing though I can't say it swept me off my feet. I enjoyed it though, so it earned its 3 stars with no question.
There were problems with it however. For example, there was so much telling rather than showing, that I caught myself rolling my eyes on a number of occasions. Conversations were retold instead of written out as they should've been. Many descriptions were cliched rather than thought out exclusively. It was a nice imaginary world, but there was nothing original about it.
Also, the main character, Emma, was constantly talking to herself in what were supposed to be witty little remarks. Yet, instead of sounding witty, they were rather dull.
What annoyed me the most was that every other chapter someone would say something, Emma would look at them wide-eyed and they'll ask her "What? Nobody told you?" Seriously, by the second time I read that, I was already in the know that she had no idea what was happening and the repetition was getting old.
The falling in love was awfully quick and not exactly to my taste.
There was hardly any intrigue, but I guess that made it so light in the first place.

My favorite character was the dragon Cussard. He was funny and friendly and can I say pretty?

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to breeze through something to clear their mind of any difficult/heavy novels.

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