Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Enchantment" by Charlotte Abel


I just finished reading "Enchantment" about half an hour ago and I feel a little pressured about writing the review. I just wish I had more time to gather my thoughts and all, but since I don't... well, I'll just try my best.

To be honest, I feel a little bipolar about this book. Because at moments it was so amazing, I was literally holding my breathe in anticipation. Unfortunately there were also those other moments when I just rolled my eyes. A couple of scenes seemed like they took forever to end, and I'd totally understand that if they were somehow important. But they weren't, and I just felt like they should've been cut shorter.

Other than that, it was a very well written, very well thought out novel. I rode the emotional roller coaster along with Channie and Josh and the rest of the characters and enjoyed every single bit of it. I loved the cheesy moments, as well as the tense ones. I would've liked to see more action, but... not up to me. Besides, I hear book 2 is packed full with it, so I'm holding my breath!!

About the story:

I'm afraid it wasn't all that original - just the ordinary girl-meets-boy, girl-falls-for-boy, relationship-is-impossibly-difficult kind of thing - but it was presented in an original way and it's safe to say that I liked it.

This was the first witch book I've read so far, where nobody speaks the spells/curses. We're just told that a spell is used and what it does, but how exactly it's manipulated... no one knows. I don't mean this as a bad thing. With all that goes on, I think that it's better this way.

The characters:

* Channie - I loved Enchantment's easy going nature and kind of missed it after she was renamed. Then I loved Chastity's strong persona as well. Until she kind of turned into a control freak, sometimes scaring me from the screen of my kindle. I must admit that I loved her most in the end, when she was her real self. When she was shy, selfless and full of love.

* Josh was a cutie and totally swoon worthy. But I was kind of hoping that he wouldn't behave like a sulking boy all the time, that he would grow up and be the man that I felt he should be. I think he did that towards the end. I loved him the most when he was angry with Channie, because anger kind of suited his otherwise gentle nature. The only thing I didn't like about him was the extensive crying. I'm not sure guys do that. It made me roll my eyes again and again.

* Momma & Daddy kind of made me squirm every time they were mentioned. They were tough characters with old beliefs and emanated coldness most of the time. I think that Mrs. Abel did a very good job on them. To be honest, I kind of enjoyed it when Channie got the upper hand over them.

* Aunt Wisdom cracked me up. She was one hell of a woman. My respects for her and her honest opinions and words. I wish I had an aunt like that to care about me as much as she did about Channie.

All the rest of the characters, Abby, Hunter, Eric, the triplets and Elijah amused me in their own way. I had fun reading about them.

To wrap it up: I recommend this book for anyone who likes heavy romance and some action.

Favorite quotes:


The teacher cleared her throat and said, "I expect my students to respond to roll call with 'present', but if any of you find the pronunciation of more than one syllable at a time beyond your capabilities, you may simply say, 'here.' This is an advanced placement English Literature course. Surely, you have a basic grasp of the language or you wouldn't be in my classroom." - Old Lady Windsor


"...Maggots, dead fish, fried liver - "
"What are you doing?"
Josh opened one eye and grinned. "Thinking of gross stuff."
"Does that help?"
"Almost as much as a cold shower."


"That's too bad." Josh puffed his chest out and said, "I was really looking forward to demonstrating my awesome survivalist skills."
"When we get back to the cabin, I'll let you skin and gut this one to prove your manhood."
"Uh..." The skin around Josh's lips turned green.

My rating is:

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