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"Invasion" by Jon S. Lewis

Invasion (C.H.A.O.S., #1)
When I requested from NetGalley "Alienation" to read and review, I had no idea it was the second installment to a series. Well, it turned out that there was book one that I had to read beforehand and that book was "Invasion". I honestly don't regret starting on this series because it was absolutely amazing. I'm already into book two because I just can't get enough of high school students Colt, Oz and Danielle and their adventures with the extra terrestrials and the biomedical Trident facilities.

I loved the emotional roller-coaster, even if sometimes the pain was just too much to bear. I was sad almost to tears when the horrible accident happened and could really feel Colt's pain, confusion and desire to bury himself in the ground. I never ever want to be in such a position.

I really loved the story, straight from the beginning. Even though Colt wouldn't later remember his special day at the CHAOS military camp, something deep inside of him knows that he's met certain people and things before. Yet, it isn't until after his parents' accident and after he moves in to live with his grandfather that things start to become weird.

When he meets Oz, he feels like he's met the boy before, but he doesn't know where, until Oz tells him about CHAOS, the aliens and most of all that his grandfather isn't just any ordinary man.
In their desire to figure out who and why killed Colt's parents, the threesome come in the midst of multi-world war. Would they survive, and would they gather the info they need?

The characters:
*Colt is the eight son of the McAlisters. Unlike his 7 brothers before him, he doesn't want to go to the military. He's a surfer dude, with messy blond hair and eyes so blue they look like colored contact lenses. He's smart and brave, though he doesn't particularly know about his courage until he meets the enemy and has to fight for his life and the lives of those he loves. He was a real character, tangible and loveable, and I enjoyed the time I spent with him.

*Oz was a 6ft.4in. monster. Human, but with that monstrous height he gave off a vibe of danger. He was smart, funny and secretive. A boy of many talents - including killing aliens - he was a great friend, though full of mischief and dangerous plans for saving the world.

*Danielle was a brave hacker girl, who knew her stuff. She was inventive and original in her ways to stop the alien invasion and its consequences to our world. She's a definite role model, who girls of our generation surely can look up to.

Lots of memorable quotes in this novel. I'm only going to share a couple:

"Thomas Jefferson had a wig, and Benjamin Franklin wore knickers," Colt said. "That should tell you something."
"I'm sure they'd say the same thing about bleached blond hair and board shorts."
"I don't bleach my hair."
"You're impossible, do you know that?"
"Thank you."
"It wasn't a compliment."

"Look what the cat dragged in," Ms. Skoglund said. "Were you waylaid by all your female admirers?"
"It's nothing like that," the boy said. "Besides, you know I only have eyes for you."
"Sure you do," Ms. Skoglund said. "I mean, why bother with one of those skinny little things your age when you can go for someone who's trying to lose another thirty pounds before her twenty-year class reunion next summer? That makes sense."

My rating cannot go lower than

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