Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Wilde's Fire" by Krystal Wade

Wilde's Fire
NOTE: I Received this book from Netgalley.

I read the entire book in one day, almost in one sitting. It was really good, story wise. The writing style was sort of in need of improvement because there were times when the narrative and the characters sounded just too dry. But I thoroughly enjoyed and was left hungry for more.

What really got me going about this book was the different world that the characters suddenly stumble upon. Everything they had known until then is but a dream of sorts. The reality is in the other world, the world where monsters reign, where there is Darkness, and where people die.

I thought the story was original, what with the people living solely underground, and the world being all dark. At least I haven't read another similar book. Sure, the concept is like in any other fantasy book - good vs. evil.

The ending got me quite a bit baffled though. Not because of the cliffhanger, which was sort of good by the way. It was because of the weird explanations that the main character is given, for what had been going on. I do not think it was the right way to close the story, but then again - the author knows best.

The characters:

*Kate, a.k.a. Katriona - I couldn't get to like this girl at all. Main character or not, she totally irritated me. I mean, she could fairly well accept that she was in a different world; she accepted that world as hers; she accepted the fact that she is Light, i.e. the opposite of Darkness.... the only thing she can't seem to accept is her powers. I had never heard of something so stupid. I mean, when you battle monsters, it's those powers that are most important, they must be embraced first. Another thing I didn't like about Kate was how mopey she was. All she knew to do was whine about, cry, whine some more, then stutter an apology of some sort to this person and that. Gosh! She was so darn irritating!!!

*Arland - I can't not give it to him that he was a good leader. The little crew he had at his command respected and obeyed him. But when Kate got in the picture, he didn't mind risking his people just to please her desire to rescue a friend. I'm not sure why he was supposed to be all irresistible and swoon worthy, except for the built of his body, and his rare smiles.

*Brad - the idiot... I hated him from the very beginning, not sure why. There was a constant nagging feeling that he won't turn out good, even when in coma.

*Flanna - now she was a character full of life. I really liked her and her attitude. She was always there at the right time, or the wrong one, sticking her nose in people's business when they least expected it. She was amusing, and I enjoyed having her around.

You'd think that with all those character weaknesses, I'd give it a lower rating. However, the story itself is so good, it deserves those four stars, despite the characters.

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