Monday, April 23, 2012

"Waiting for Mercy" by Shannon Dermott

Waiting for Mercy (Cambion #2)
This book was just as amazing as the previous installment. It totally blew me off my feet!!! And I needed some time to breathe before I came back to write a decent review. But oh, my! WHAT A MARVELOUS CLIFFHANGER!!!

So, now that I'm back on track and my mind's actually functioning, I can sit down and write a good review of this awesome book. First of all, I want to say that I loved the character growth that I saw in this second installment of the Cambion Series. I was wondering if I would get to see my favorite characters mature. I did, and I am happy for it. Secondly, I really loved the new info that was revealed concerning Mercy, though it wasn't nearly enough for my curiosity and thirst to be quenched. *sigh* Oh well, next book should do it!
And there was this one scene, the one on Valentine's day, which was so totally cheesy, I was laughing wholeheartedly while reading! I'm sure you all will enjoy this book!

Book weaknesses:
Well, I'm really sad to say this but the massive amount of grammar mistakes, missing punctuation, substitutions and such, kind of bore down on me. Also, lots of verbs were wrongly placed in present tense, when the entire novel was in past tense. It was quite confusing, figuring out what happened when.

Book strengths:
Again, I will mention the character development. Especially the growth we see in Mercy. There were some battles that were quite intense. There was passion that totally blew me off. And there were secrets revealed. Still, the mystery of Mercy remains. Who is she? What is she? It's quite weird that even her mom didn't know the answer to those questions.

There was this one thing that I kind of thought was a drawback. I'm talking about the slow pace of the first hundred or so pages. But then again, the book is called WAITING, so I guess it fits, and I won't count it as a weakness. After all the author knows what's best for her characters :)


*Mercy - In the beginning, she was the same kind of girl she was in book one: she didn't push for answers, she didn't get interested in anyone but herself and the boys around her. But then things changed, and she matured. She asked questions, and she tried to help however she could when her friends needed her.

*Luke - he was the same sweet boy as before. Yeah, he was going out, but nothing serious at all. His heart was all for Mercy. Which wasn't the best idea really.

*Flynn - I must say he's my favorite character of them all. He's straight forward, he's strong in his feelings, and he knows what he wants. Sure, he's seduced more girls than anyone else, but he's hasn't really done it out of bad feelings. I keep on wondering whether he'd need all those other girls if Mercy and him ended up together...

*Sebastian - yum yum! But still, he's a full blooded demon, and you've got no idea who his pappy is. Anyway, he's still caring and completely devoted to Mercy. Perhaps he loves her? Who knows what a soulless demon actually feels though?

Well, what are you waiting for? Go grab the book and read, read, read it! :)))

My honest rating (though I wish I could give it more, but those weaknesses don't allow me to *sigh*) is:

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