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"My Fairy Tale Life" by Heather M. White

My Fairytale Life (Vampire Hunter Series, #1)
I received this book from the author, Heather White, in return for an honest review. Now, before I start writing my opinion, I have to say that this is a vampire book and I'm not much into such stories. Nevertheless, I try to keep myself open, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Well, I'd like to say that the book has got potential. It's got a pretty nice story about a vamp hunter with a tragic family history, who suddenly finds herself among good-hearted supernaturals. How can this be, right? Well, apparently it can.

But, for all the story has, there are a bunch of things that it lacks. For example, it lacks strong characters. I didn't feel emotionally attached to either one of them, not even the main character, Jadyn. I honestly wanted to, but she just couldn't win me over.
Also, the romance triangle was a bit silly, since the girl could only think of one of the guys all the time.
And, I thought that this would be a stand alone - it would've made a great stand alone. But it's the first book of a trilogy, and that kind of disappointed me as well.
Another thing that wasn't quite thought out was that pretty much everything about the story was cliched. I've seen it in so many other novels, that I could say the originality here was almost down to zero. There could've been some difference, with Jadyn falling for the wolf boy instead of the vamp. But that kind of got screwed in the end, so I don't really know what to say.

Still, with all that said, the book was a pretty good light read, fast-paced and interesting. It could be edited out a little bit, and some annoying misspellings could be removed. The substitutions also need to be looked at. I saw (repetitively) the following substitutions:
1. rather instead of whether
2. erotic instead of erratic
3. concur instead of conquer

Oh, and let's not forget the use of digital instead of written numbers. I mean, this is a novel. There are rules for writing, one of them being "write out the numbers." That makes the story flow nicely, instead of making you wonder if you're in math class adding numbers.

The characters:
*Jadyn - she's a vampire hunter. But she's also a seventeen year old teenager who claims she's killed 400 vamps. Umm, I don't really find it in myself to believe such a thing, because for one: vamps are described as strong, fast, lethal creatures. How should an ordinary teenage girl kill even one is beyond me. No matter the training, it's simply impossible unless you're dumb lucky. And the fighting scenes described in the book don't make it any more believable. Because seriously, just imagine yourself for a second, standing in front of a vampire, who can move from one spot to another before you've even blinked. Can you see yourself stabbing the creature with a stake, cutting off its head or burning it in that time? Umm... no.

*Beau - the good vampire. He's not glittery, but other than that he's just another Edward. Nothing special or original about him. He fell in love with Jadyn from the moment he saw her, and knew she was the one for him. Blah blah.

*Jeremy - the wolf boy. I have my sympathies for him. But again, we have an ultimate true love from the first sight. I liked his attitude from before he got all cheesy and mushy and all that. After that he kind of sort of blended into the usual character that has no other qualities than the established cliche.

*Tabatha - the evil vamp. I honestly expected her to be evil, and she behaved like a jealous teenager. Honestly, a six hundred year old vampire could be more original.

A note to the readers: As I mentioned before, I'm not a vamp book lover, so I am a bit more critical than people who actually love this genre. So, I would recommend the book to all you vamp lovers.

My rating is:

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