Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Blurred" by Tara Fuller

Blurred (Kissed by Death, #2)
NOTE: I got the eARC of this book from Entangled Teen. Thank you guys!

Well, crap. After picking up this book I realized I remembered close to nothing from "Inbetween", the prequel, and I found myself hoping that they won't be too dependent on each other. Thankfully, my hopes didn't not remain just that. In fact, whenever there was a reference to Finn and Emma's story (and yeah, I had forgotten their names too so I had to look them up. Oh, the shame!) all needed details were thoroughly explained for the sake of us highly forgetful readers. Honestly, thanks for that.

Now onto the story at hand.

Firstly, I would like to say that I greatly enjoyed "Blurred". It even kept me awake at night and whispered to me, begging me to pick it up when I was otherwise occupied. And how could it not?

Cash was too swoon-worthy to be true! Yeah, he had been a player most of his teen years, and yeah, he was constantly irritated at his dad, but on the inside he was a good boy. He wasn't an overachiever, just your average guy, who was talented with the brush. And other things. I just wish I could see his paintings. The way they were described, I get the feeling they'd be all powerful and mind-blowing.

Anyway, I can't imagine going through what he went through in his last days while keeping an appearance that everything was normal. That kind of thing takes a lot of strength of character. And Cash was nothing if not strong. It must've felt like hell, feeling death seep into your body, slowly conquering it, not giving you room to breathe... Gosh, I just wanted to hug him!

Thankfully, he wasn't alone. Not all the time at least. He was left in the dark on a lot of things, but at least this one reaper girl, Anaya, wouldn't leave him alone for too long. At first, to her Cash was just another job, and a means to an end. But then slowly, inescapably, he turned into something, someone much more special.

In the end, everyone had to risk everything not knowing if they'd even accomplish anything with their efforts.

And that's all I'm going to say. If you enjoyed the Souls Screamers, you'd definitely want to indulge in this series.

I give it

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