Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Onyx" by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Onyx (Lux, #2)
What can I say? I am in love with this series, and with Daemon. Duh!
Honestly, I like the Lux series more than the Covenant... Greek mythology somehow can't capture my attention all that much. But aliens??? Heck yeah!

So, in this installment, we get to see a lot more of the good side of Deamon. I mean, he has his jerk-o moments, and I love him for those too! But also, there are those sweet moments, when I just wanted to kiss him senseless. Or be kissed senseless, doesn't matter. Not really. LOL

Anyway, Onyx is the turning point of this series, I think. So many things happen, so many fates are changed, that the reader is about to explode! Even though I'd known what was to happen, sort of, I was totally surprised by HOW it happened and WHY. I was left with my mouth hanging open for more when I finished the last page, and gosh! I just couldn't handle to wait and got into Opal right away. Addictive much?


At first, I can't say I liked Katy much. I mean, she insisted she trusted Daemon, but did all the things he told her not to. Sure, she didn't want to be bossed around, but hello! It never occured to her that all those suspicious things she noticed, might be actually a warning she should heed! Grrr!!! Poor Daemon, and Dee, and even Ash and Andrew!

Blake was sort of a likeable character at first. But then he started doing tricks to Katy (which she totally ignored as legit signs that he wasn't totally honest) and I could hardly stand him! But dang! I don't think Blake was guilty of what happened. He was sort of pushed to the edge. I believe all the events fall on Katy. *sigh* Why is it always the girl who should bear the guilt on her shoulders is beyond me.

Well, in my opinion, Onyx couldn't be written any better. I enjoyed every bit of it. So... if you haven't yet read it, go do that now.

My rating is


  1. Nice review! A little confused below with what I assume are new characters! Guess I need to read this asap! First I need to buy Opal though so I can have it at the ready. Was trying to wait til the beginning of 2013 since I entered a few contests and am trying to remain hopeful!

    Once again, great review! Cannot wait to read more Daemon!

  2. I loved the action, and revelations in this book, there were so many new things we learn about the govt. I couldn't connect with Katy in Onyx, she should have trusted Daemon or atleast used some common sense, but otherwise this is my favorite in the series. Daemon was totally swoon-worthy, I still can't get that cookie dialogue out of my head.
    Wonderful review =)


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