Thursday, July 26, 2012

"JOE" by H.D.Gordon


I received this book for review from H.D.Gordon's agent, Nicole, who is a friend of mine on Goodreads.

First thing I want to say is, that JOE isn't a YA book. Not due to any sex scenes, but because of the language. There are too many expletives, that could really bother a person. They sort of bothered me too, but then again, I think they were written all in the right places. Without those offensive cuss words, I don't think that the same effect could be accomplished.

And second, I just want to say a HUGE thank you for letting me review JOE. This novel was beyond my expectations. I truly didn't expect it to be so amazingly well written, judging by the style I was used with from the Alexa Montgomery Saga.


The difference is indescribable. The writing style is UNIQUE, in a Tahereh Mafi sort of way, but it's nothing alike. It's just completely Heather Gordon, and I just LOVED IT!!!

The story itself was totally absorbing. It was impossible to leave the book. It was full of action, thrill, psycho elements. And it was obvious that Heather did more than enough research in order to write JOE. I think that this is like an author's rebirth :) I'd love to see a second installment - at least I was left with the impression that there could be one.

Anyway, this story is told from the POV of JOE, and a third person POV of several more characters. I didn't expect to see the uniqueness of each character's mindset and all, but it was there. There weren't two characters for whom I could say that they were alike. They were all different, with all sorts of personality traits. Some of them I loved, others I hated. That, I think, is a great thing - having real feelings for fictional characters. It means the author did her job very well.

*Joe was simply amazing. She was no hero - as she pointed out in several places. But she was brave, hard-working and selfless. She knew her limitations, she lived with her past mistakes, and she didn't want to continue living with guilt. So, Joe decided for once not to be an observer, but a doer. And I was simply impressed by the steady character and hand of this girl. It takes real guts to do what she did.

*Danny, the Decider was a psychopath of a higher class than I had thought at first. *Thanks Heather for describing the difference between psychopath and sociopath, I had no idea.* He was organized, calculating and cold-blooded. I didn't understand his motives, and urges, and honestly I thought he was a complete nut. I hated him, but I loved how well he played his role. The mass-murderer profile was complete in him.

*Michael was a guy to kill for. And I was excited that found Joe not only likeable, but loveable. She was, truly, and I loved Michael for not ever even thinking about her speech impediment as a negative trait. I loved him for appreciating her.

*Mina was a brave girl and loving mother, and I think she had every right to be happy. She and Russel were just great for each other.

*Eric - I kinda liked that guy, he was someone who wanted to change his life. I enjoyed his story very much.

*Claire - I sort of hated her at first, until she realized that what she'd been planning at first was not what she really wanted. Glad she opened her eyes to reality.

So, I would totally recommend this novel to any thrill seeker. It's truly an amazing ride.

My rating, clearly is


  1. Sounds great! Thanks for the review! I'll TBR it! :D

  2. Awesome Review ;-)

    I think HD found her niche... eh?


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