Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"My Favorite Mistake" by Chelsea M. Cameron

My Favorite Mistake (My Favorite Mistake, #1)
Many thanks to Elise from MIRA INK for giving me the egalley of this one.

This is by far one of the best New Adult novels I've read lately. It ranks right up there with Abbi Glines' Sea Breeze series. So, if you enjoyed those, you're sure gonna love this one too.

The plot is really nice and simple. There's a tough girl with a past she is running away from. There is also an awesome guy, who hasn't had it all bright and sunny either. There's also a bet. And a very, very sweet punch in the face, that sort of put the wheel spinning.

I can't say that the story is particularly original, but somehow that doesn't really matter. So what if it's boy meets girl and they fall hard for each other? There is no insta-love, so that certainly helps too. Besides, Hunter isn't some bizarre lunatic with a fantasy for male dominance (where most other fictional males are always so commanding, gah!). Actually Hunter is pretty sweet and I liked his love for music and his fierce protectiveness of those he loves. He has his loyalties figured out, and believe it or not, they're in the right place!

Taylor, too, is pretty down to earth. And what I liked the most about her is that she isn't some sex-crazed, boy-depraved idiot, who just can't wait to get laid with the first random guy she meets. Seriously, I've had enough of that scenario to last me a lifetime. In fact, Taylor had real brains in that head of hers, which felt rather refreshing. And so I liked her. I mean, who wouldn't like a girl with actual substance? A character with depth and realistic personality?

The friends on both sides were also super realistic and awesome. They had lives of their own and actually gave great advice when asked for it. Oh, and none of them acted like sex-depraved cats during mating season. Thank my Lord in the highest heavens!

So yeah. If you're into New Adult and still haven't checked this one out, I think it's about time you do. It's worth every single dime.(or penny)(or cent)(or whatever currency you use)Period

My rating is a clean

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